Jonathan Cachat, PhD

A data-driven, results-oriented scientist. able to quickly translate between technical teams, management, and the general public to achieve strategic goals. able to merge business, science & data engineering skillsets to unlock data patterns, extract information and provide actionable insights.


Neuroscience & Psychopharmacology

Drugs, Brain and Behavior scientist, analyst, and subject matter expert able to quickly collect, evaluate and present meaningful research & data-driven conclusions to any audience. Designed novel behavioral assays & validated model for adult zebrafish affective & cognitive behavior. Real-time video-tracking to positional time-series swim paths. Applied movement pattern analysis to predict neurotransmitter system modulation.

Cannabis & Psychedelics

Have operational, scientific, and technical senior management experience in all cannabis business verticals. Featured in top 10 cannabis industry publications & podcasts. Can identify market opportunities, develop strategies and pitch them. Raised $3MM for resource efficiency cultivation R&D, bringing Solatube Daylighting Devices & IoT AgTech into the cannabis space. Applied ML & AI to maintain light levels (between sun & led) to maximize growth, minimize costs. optimized results into modeling software to make designs and predictive savings forecasts. Grow. Lab. Dispensary. Data Systems. Extraction. Education.

Data Science & Engineering

Always been a technology & data pipeline cross-pollinator. To overcome logistical hurdles, I go back to first principles & ask where similar hurdles have been such a hindrance that solutions have already been developed. For example, Used hurricane tracking algorithms & ML to predict drug zebrafish were on. Took residential skylights into cannabis Ag-Tech. A Demonstrated track record of unlocking opportunities within data & building machine learning models to optimize & automate strategic decisions. Knowledge cross-pollination specialist.

Team Player, Self-Motivated, Remote Contributor

Acustomed to providing data review(s) for a team in order to advance organizational efforts. Can assess, quantify and manage team operations while identifying and listening for areas of efficiency improvements and optimization. Able to build dynamic business intelligence data models and visual dashboards to improve realtime P&L financials, input use, and output quality.