Work Philosophy & Portfolio Highlights

I am acclimated and confident with “solving mysteries without any clues”, which at the core is what data science (analysis, engineering, architecture) actually is. There is no such thing as the perfect data set, if it is extracted from the real-world its messy, incomplete, and clumsy. In scientific research & healthcare, one needs to be comfortable with assessing, challenging assumptions & drawing conclusions with incomplete, imperfect data – esp in science and health care as the recommendations do truly matter.

Dialectical Model of Human Nature

…A theory that explores what makes each of us who we are…The DMoHN is a graphical representation of my current understanding and conceptualization of human nature, in addition to embodying the guiding ethos of social neuroscience. The dialectic is a logic, or way of thinking that joins opposite elements together in a uniting fashion to create emergent…

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Could our whole approach to managing data for processing & querying be fundamentally incorrect? Since the Dawn of LLM, its a notion gaining traction.

So, what about this notion that contemporary best whole approach to managing data & processing thru query pipelines could be fundamentally incorrect? Ideally, we would prefer to index a log of activity or events. Find the specific activity we are interested in & fetch that subset of data. Perform analytics and visualize metrics on that…

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