Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) Reports: Tools & Example Profiles

The first step of any proper data analysis is an EDA, here are a few different ways I have approached such efforts.

Custom EDA Report

complete profile of client's data written up by jcachat

Client asked for a statistical exploratory data analysis review & write-up on behavioral & physiological endpoints measured as part of a research project. The goal was to prep and assess the viability of using various machine learning approaches to model interactions in the dataset beyond those seen with basic statistical analysis. PDF is the final write up written by Jonathan Cachat for the client, essentially interpreting the series of raw reports & custom python/R data analyses.

data: behavioral and physiological experimental data reviewed by jcachat

GCP DataPrep RAW Data Profile

Example RAW Data Profile using GCP's DataPrep.

data: cannabis analytical laboratory (SC Labs) data reviewed by jcachat


pandas-profiling package generates profile reports from a pandas DataFrame. The pandas df.describe() function is handy yet a little basic for exploratory data analysis.

View Interactive HTML pandas-profiling EDA Report - CEA Data

data: Controlled Environmental Agricultural R&D developed, designed & managed by jcachat. See SunGrown Indoor Research Report

dataprep.ai EDA Report

DataPrep.EDA is the fastest and the easiest EDA tool in Python. It allows data scientists to understand a Pandas/Dask DataFrame with a few lines of code in seconds.

View Interactive HTML dataprep.ai EDA Report - Cannabis Lab Data

dataprepAI EDA Report - Cannabis Lab Data

data: Cannabis Analytical Lab Results - merged, wrangled & cleaned by jcachat


Several Example Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) Reports for various clients using a few different tools/packages, including Google Cloud Platform, Python packages (pandas-profiling, dataprep.ai) in Jupyter Notebook and RapidMiner. Logos below linked for more info.